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Information on breakfast

  • A lot of items! Please enjoy the "Yamanashi Small Bowl Buffet" using local ingredients!

    “Yamanashi Small Bowl Buffet” starts from March 2024! A variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese menus appear daily!
    Since it is served in small bowls, it is easy to adjust the amount and enjoy your favorite breakfast.
    • <Menu example>

      Prefecture-produced “Near North America” rice

      (free refill)

      Plain bread

      (free refill)

      Miso soup

      (free refill)

      Morning curry & hotou

      (Free refills) Daily special

      Grilled fish

      (free refill)


      Colorful salad of local vegetables and loin ham

      Japanese small bowl

      Daily specials such as spinach dip, cold tofu, and fried eggs

      Western food menu

      Daily changes such as scrambled eggs, fried foods, bacon & wiener etc.


      Daily selection of cakes, fruit platters, etc.
      1,300 yen
      Period available:
      From 6:30 to 9:00(Last reception 8:45)