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Information on breakfast

  • Daily Japanese style set meal of good evaluation

    The breakfast of our hotel which we want to be the second home is a Japanese set meal on a daily basis.
    We are preparing for the menu which is named after the local hometown.
    The menu is changed daily, but rice, curry and miso soup are free every day.
    You can be satisfied with those who want to spend the day after eating well.
    • <Menu example>


      (free refill)

      Morning curry

      (free refill)

      Miso soup

      (free refill)

      Simmered dishes

      Shingen Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables Ratatouille (Simmered wine with tomato)

      Dish objects

      Grilled mackerel with salt·Japanese rolled omelette·Koshu Koume·Nozawa Nakake


      Corn salad with brand cone "Kankanmusume"

      Small vessel

      Mentaiko and mushroom dish
      ¥ 700 -
      Period available:
      6: 30 to 9: 00