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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently asked questions about "parking lot"

    Q1.Please tell me the parking fee.
    A1.It is not a reservation system, but you can use it for 600 yen per car per night.
      It is available frContinue reading
  • ~ Directions - How about the directions from Kofu Station?

    【JR Chuo Line Kofu Station】

    When leaving the ticket gate, take the exit at South Exit

    Heiwa-dori Avenue straight on the main street Continue reading
  • Frequently asked questions about check in / check out

    Q1. Please tell us the time of check-in / check-out.
    A1., Check in ⇒ 16: 00
       Check out ⇒ 10: 00

    Q2. Is it possible to check in at the timContinue reading
  • About baggage before check-in and after check-out

    Luggage storage is available even before check-in and after check-out.Please feel free to ask the front desk.
  • Is it possible to send luggage in advance?

    We accept.We will keep you at the front desk until your stay.
      Please send it to the address below.
       〒400-0858, 2-3-16 Aioi, Kofu City, Continue reading
  • Frequently asked questions about "meals"

    Q1. Are there prepared breakfasts?
    It is served at the tennant 'Hokkaiya' on the first floor.
      We offer one meal for 900 yen.(Japanese set Continue reading
  • Can I use a credit card?

    The following credit card companies'Card can be used.

    Visa, ·JCB, ·DC, ·UC, ·American Express, ·UFJ(formerly Million)Card
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    There is a Family Mart opposite the hotel diagonally.
  • Is there a curfew?

    There is no curfew.A 24-hour front desk is available as well.
  • Frequently asked questions about "Room Facilities"

    Q1. Is it possible to use the Internet in the room?
    A1., All rooms are available free of charge.There is no PC installation or rental PC so Continue reading
  • Frequently asked questions about "Receipt"

    Q1. , I want a receipt that sums up all ...
    A1. , It is not possible to add and publish for each company reservation site point usage.It wilContinue reading
  • Frequently asked questions from customers with "children"

    Q1. Is it possible to lie down with a child?
    A1. Up to elementary school children and up can be used.
       (For lucky adults, a maximum of 1 Continue reading
  • Can I stay with pets / animals?

    Unfortunately we will not accept guests with animals / pets for any reason.

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