Urban hotel adjacent to central government office town and downtown of Kofu city


          ~Smile, laughter, lol"Special" hotel~                                We promise a comfortable stay in the center of Kofu

◇Yamanashi Green Zone Travel Discount (National Travel Support) plan Resale Information◇

  • 20% OFF from the displayed price this time! Regional coupons have been changed to electronic coupons

    ◆Accommodation period
     Until March 31, 2023 (Friday)
    ※We are very sorry for customers who have already made a reservation by March 31st, but please enjoy rebooking.
    ◆Discount rate
     20% off accommodation fee(Up to 5,000 yen per person per night)
    ◆Giving electronic coupons
     2,000 yen on weekdays/1,000 yen on holidays(According to the calendar set by the prefecture)
    ※From this time, you need to register a dedicated app to use electronic coupons.
    ◆What to Bring
     insurance card,Official certificate such as driver's license,Proof of 3 or more vaccinations(all guests)
    ※Citizens of the prefecture are allowed with proof of two or more vaccinations.
    ※Please note that the discount will not be applied if the above is not presented at check-in.

◆There is a bicycle parking space with a security camera! ◆

  • The bicycle parking space is located on the hotel grounds, so you can rest assured!

    Number of parking spaces:Approximately 8-9 units
    Parking fee :Free
    Location  :Bicycle parking space on the hotel premises(surveillance camera,There is under the eaves)

    Although it is not indoors, we have prepared a place that is hard to see on the hotel grounds.
    There is also a security camera installed, so motorcycle enthusiasts can park with confidence.
    I think that! Please use our hotel when you come to Kofu by motorcycle!

◇Notice of breakfast renewal (menu addition) and price revision◇

  • Our breakfast menu has been upgraded!

    Recommended by our hotel. 『healthy Japanese breakfast]This time, the new menu "Special Dashi Chazuke", "Free-range chicken egg over rice", and various drinks have been added to make it even more powerful!
    Please enjoy our new super-sized "Body-friendly Japanese breakfast" that is gentle on your body and full of nutrients!
    ※Photo is image

    Fare:900 yen
    Time:From 6:30 to 9:00

◆Japanese-style room for rent(Day Use)◆

  • You can also use it for lessons and lessons! Please also for an endless party!

    Room size :About 36 square meters(18 square meters two rooms)
    Capacity  :About 10 to 20 people
    Fare    :From 18 square meters / 1H / 1500 yen
          :From 36 square meters / 1H / 3000 yen
    Possible preparations :Tables and cushions
    Other   :Wi-Fi environment available, air conditioning complete, vending machine corner available(Same floor)
    Inquires  :055-233-3011

◇Conference room for rent(Day Use)◇

  • It can be used for multipurpose events such as training, seminars, social gatherings, and marriage activities!

    Room size :About 50 square meters
    Capacity  :About 30 people
    Fare    :From 1H / 3000 yen
    Possible preparations :Tables, chairs, whiteboards
    Other   :Wi-Fi environment available, air conditioning complete, vending machine corner available(Same floor)
    Inquires  :055-233-3011

◆Important notice regarding amenities in this facility◆

  • About reduction implementation of plastic products (partial) used in this facility

    Following the "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law" that came into effect on April 1, 2022, the hotel is currently working to reduce plastic waste.We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding the following initiatives implemented by the hotel.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Current efforts
    1. Removal of used plastic products (amenities such as toothbrush and shaving) installed in the guest room
    ※We kindly ask you to bring the amenities that you normally use.
    2. Switch to eco-friendly alternative products(Sequentially)
    3. Charge for reusable amenities products(Sequentially)

◇Inside this facility / facility / others◇

  • A wide variety of free rental amenities

    Our abundant free rental service.
    We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap, humidifier, air purifier, sleep pillow, iron, etc.
    The rooms are equipped with equipment, but one of the ways to enjoy the hotel is to make your own upgraded stay.
    You may find a shampoo that suits you(^ O ^)/
    ※The number of rental items is limited.

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2-3-16 Aioi, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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Get off at JR Kofu Station South Gate 13 minutes on foot Taxi at 5 minutes Chuo Expressway Kofu-Minami IC toward Kofu Station Approximately 20 minutes
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