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Information on breakfast

  • A lot of items! Everything is handmade! Start your mind and body healthy with Sentia Breakfast!

    Our hotel's breakfast is a Japanese set meal that changes daily.
    We are preparing for the menu which is named after the local hometown.
    The menu changes daily, but rice, miso soup, curry, etc. are free to refill every day.
    Even those who want to spend the day after eating well should be satisfied!
    Please try the hotel's "healthy Japanese breakfast".
    • <Menu example>

      Rice(White rice)

      (free refill)

      Tamagake rice

      (free refill)

      Miso soup

      (free refill)

      Morning curry

      (free refill)

      dashi chazuke

      (free refill)


      Colorful salad of local vegetables and loin ham

      Simmered dishes

      Countryside simmered root vegetables and Shingen Chicken

      Dish objects

      Sweet salted salmon, dashimaki omelet, homemade tsukudani

      fruit juice

      (free refill)
      900 yen(※1,000 yen from April 2023)
      Period available:
      6: 30 to 9: 00